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Types of Loans

Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgage
Purchasing a home or looking to refinance your existing mortgage loan? MetaBank’s Fixed Rate Mortgage lets you lock in your rate that will not change over the life of your loan. No surprises. No strings attached. And with a variety of terms available, you can decide how quickly you want to pay off your loan. Choose the term that fits your finances, your goals and your future life events. 

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Planning a short-term stay for your next home purchase? Enjoy the interest rate on an Adjustable Rate Mortgage that may be lower than a fixed-rate mortgage. This loan is ideal for the upwardly mobile or those simply looking for a starter home with plans to purchase a different home in a few years. Your interest rate caps limit the maximum amount your rate may increase at each interest rate adjustment period and during the life of the loan. 

Construction Loans
Building a new home? During this exciting time, the last thing you want to worry about is your finances. MetaBank’s Construction Loan allows you to only pay interest on the funds you have borrowed as you go. We will work with you to match the term to what best fits with your timeline for building. After your dream home is complete, we’ll help you refinance the money you’ve borrowed into a Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgage.

Vacant Lot Loans
Purchasing land and waiting to build? MetaBank’s Vacant Lot Loan gives you the flexibility to purchase now and build later. We can even help structure your loan to keep your payments low while aligning with your timeline for building.

Every MetaBank Mortgage Loan is serviced right here, by your lender. We will not sell your mortgage loan to another mortgage provider. That means when you have a question, you can talk to the people you know. No more faceless call centers across the country. No pressing "1" to speak to a live person. Just call us. We’re here.


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